Urban Flooring for Your Home

wood urban floor

In order to achieve a true urban décor theme in your home, you need to select the right type of flooring for your home.

The truth is, the most urban type of flooring for a home or living space is a concrete or pavement type flooring. This adds an industrial element that is signature to urban interior design and decorating.

However, this isn’t an option in most homes and sometimes warmth and comfort trump aesthetic, which is why most homeowners choose between hardwood floor and carpet for their living space.

You can probably imagine that if concrete is the ideal choice for an urban décor theme, carpet is not.

You won’t find carpet in most modern or urban homes. Typically, carpet is reserved for traditional and classic style homes. The construction of carpet is perfect for warmth and comfort but it doesn’t represent the urban style.

You will also have to routinely vacuum carpet and hire a carpet cleaning service to maintain the carpet. If you do own carpet in your home, don’t avoid hiring a professional company like Amazing Care Chem-Dry. You will regret it if you don’t but the type of care and maintenance carpet requires doesn’t suit the minimal mindset of urban living and décor.

This means, we recommend hardwood floor for urban homes. Hardwood is cool and modern and easy to clean and maintain. You will only need to clean or wipe down a hardwood floor once or maybe twice a week at most and if you care for it correctly you should never need to replace it.

You can also cut some decorating costs and choose laminate floors instead of hardwood. In recent years, the style and construction of laminate is very close to mirroring the appearance of true hardwood floor.

Laminate floor requires the same amount of cleaning and maintenance as hardwood floor. The only downside is that the material is not as durable as hardwood floor so you will probably need to replace the floor after a decade.

If you want to combine the color and comfort of carpet with the more urban appeal of hardwood floor, consider using area rugs and rug runners in a room or living space.

Rugs are made in several eye-catching colors and patterns that suit the urban design trend. Opt for a minimalistic pattern or shapes in the design. You should place the rug under the front legs of all the furniture in a living room or under an entire dining room table. A rug in the bedroom should be place in the traffic areas of the room and you can place a rug in hallways and entryways for an immediate statement piece for guests and family.

If you have to choose hardwood floor or carpet in your urban home, choose hardwood floor or laminate floor. The best choice is hardwood floor but it isn’t always affordable for all homeowners. Remember, you can also decorate a hardwood floor with an area rug or two for a splash of color and a bold pattern.